Easy Heuristic Analysis Example for Beginners

Assignment perimeters:

1. Create a ranking system to communicate the severity of the violated or demonstrated heuristic(s).

The severity is defined by three factors:

2. Sort findings

a. connect findings to the violated or demonstrated heuristic(s)

  1. Recognition Over Recall
  2. User Control & Freedom
  3. Flexibility & Efficiency of Use
  4. Match between system & Real World
  5. Error Prevention
  6. Aesthetic & Minimalist Design
  7. Error Recognition, diagnosis, & Recovery
  8. Consistency & Standards
  9. Help & Documentation
  1. A little too harsh on the severity rankings (I also love Nalgene water bottles)
  2. There are a fair amount of typos and this wouldn’t look good professionally. (Please forgive, I am tired student)



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